Monthly Calendar

The January Kalendar


Date Observance Prayer Intention
1st Mary The Holy Mother of God The Parish
2nd SS Basil & Gregory World peace
3rd The Holy Name of Jesus Our families
4th Christmass Feria Local shops
5th Christmass Feria The Minster
6th Epiphany of Our Lord The Parish
7th Christmass Feria Our School
8th Christmass Feria Bassetlaw Deanery
9th Christmass Feria BCVS
10th Christmass Feria Bishop Glyn
11th Christmass Feria Bishop Paul
12th S Aelred Religious Communities
13th The Baptism of Our Lord The Parish
14th Feria Deanery Clergy
15th Feria Amnesty International
16th Feria Bishop Tony
17th S Anthony Hermits
18th Feria Christian Unity
19th Feria Protestants
20th 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time The Parish
21st S Agnes Orthodox Christians
22nd S Vincent Salvation Army
23rd Feria Roman Catholics
24th S Francis De Sales Teachers
25th Conversion of S Paul S Paul’s
26th SS Timothy & Titus Evangelists
27th 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time The Parish
28th S Thomas Aquinas Seminaries
29th Feria Archdeacon Picken
30th Feria The Society
31st S John Boscoe Our teenagers


Devotion: The Holy Name of Jesus

Prayer Intention: That young people, follow the example of Mary and respond to the call of the Lord to communicate the joy of the Gospel to the world.