Monthly Calendar

The November 2020 Calendar: dates, observances & Prayer Intentions


1st         All Saints’ Day                                  the Parish 

2nd       All Souls’ Day                                    the Faithful Departed

3rd        S. Martin de Porres                             racial harmony          

4th        S. Charles Borromeo                           Pope Francis

5th        Feria                                                    our schools

6th                Feria                                                    Carburton

7th               Saturday Memoria of Our Lady        the Mothers’ Union


8th        32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time       the Parish 

9th        Dedication of the Lateran Basilica   Altar servers

10th      S. Leo the Great                                  Bishop Paul

11th      S. Martin of Tours                               HM Armed Forces

12th      S. Josaphat                                          Oecumenical relations

13th      Feria                                                    Larwood

14th            Saturday Memoria of Our Lady        the Walsingham Shrine


15th      33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time        the Parish 

16th      S. Margaret of Scotland                      the people of Scotland

17th      S. Hilda                                              The Society    

18th      Feria                                                    Lowtown

19th      Feria                                                    Kilton

20th      S. Edmund, King & Martyr                HM the Queen

21st       The Presentation of the BVM             the Society of Mary


22nd     Christ the King                                  the Parish 

23rd      Feria                                                    Manton

24th      Ss. Andrew Dũng-Lạc & Comp        persecuted Christians

25th      Feria                                                    Sparkenhill

26th      Feria                                                    Worksop town centre

27th      Feria                                                    Bassetlaw hospital

28th            Saturday Memoria of Our Lady        Clumber and its Chapel


29th            1st Sunday of Advent                        the Parish 

30th      S. Andrew the Apostle                      Bishop Glyn


Monthly Devotion: the faithful departed.


Monthly Prayer Intentions: that the progress of robotics and artificial intelligence may always serve humankind.