Monthly Calendar

The March Kalendar

Date Observance Prayer Intention
1st S David Wales
2nd Of Our Lady The Shrine at Egmanton
3rd 8th Sunday In Ordinary Time The Parish
4th Feria Our School
5th Feria A good keeping of Lent
6th Ash Wednesday Our Church members
7th Lenten Feria Bishop Glyn
8th Lenten Feria & Fast Day S Stephen’s House
9th Lenten Feria Religious tolerance
10th First Sunday of Lent Feria
11th Lenten Feria The Commonwealth
12th Lenten Feria Diocesan Clergy
13th Lenten Feria Vocations to the Priesthood
14th Lenten Feria Our Hospital
15th Lenten Feria & Fast Day Additional Curates Society
16th Lenten Feria Shrine at Walsingham
17th Second Sunday Of Lent The Parish
18th Lenten Feria Bishop Tony
19th S Joseph Fathers
20th S Cuthbert The Parish
21st Lenten Feria Forward in Faith
22nd Lenten Feria & Fast Day Church Urban Fund
23rd Lenten Feria Beverley Clergy
24th Third Sunday of Lent The Parish
25th Lenten Feria School Governors
26th Lenten Feria Bishop Paul
27th Lenten Feria Society of the Holy Cross
28th Lenten Feria Society of Mary
29th Lenten Feria & Fast Day Christian Aid
30th Lenten Feria Mothers
31st Fourth Sunday of Lent The Parish


Devotion: S Joseph

Prayer Intention: That Christian communities, especially those who are persecuted, feel that they are close to Christ and have their rights respected.