Monthly Calendar

The July Kalendar

 1st        13th Sunday in Ordinary Time           The Parish    

2nd        Feria                                                    Newly Ordained

3rd               S THOMAS                                       Bishops

4th                S Elizabeth of Portugal                       Religious Sisters

5th                 S Anthony Mary Zaccaria                 Teachers        

6th                S Maria Goretti                                   Our Teenagers           

7th                Of Our Lady                                       The Summer Fair       

8th                14th Sunday in Ordinary Time         The Parish     

9th                Feria                                                    General Synod

10th            Feria                                                    Deanery Synod

11th            S Benedict                                          Europe

12th            Feria                                                    Our School

13th            Feria                                                    Society of The Holy Cross

14th            Of Our Lady                                       The Shrine at Fatima 

15th      15th Sunday Of the Year                    The Parish     

16th            Feria                                                    Bassetlaw Clergy

17th            Feria                                                    The Gatehouse Trust

18th            Feria                                                    Diocesan Synod

19th            Feria                                                    Confirmation Candidates

20th            Feria                                                    Our Young Families

21st             Of Our Lady                                       Shrine at Walsingham

22nd          16th Sunday in Ordinary Time          The Parish

23rd           S Bridget of Sweden                         European Community

24th      S Sharbel Makhluf                              Peace in the Middle East

25th      S James                                              Community of  Resurrection

26th            SS Joachim & Anne                            Society Of Mary         

27th            Feria                                                    The Food Bank

28th            Of Our Lady                                       Beverley Parishes

29th      17TH Sunday in Ordinary Time        The Parish

30th            S Peter Chrysologus                           Youth Pilgrimage

31st             S Ignatius Loyola                                Spiritual Directors


Monthly Devotion: The Body and Blood of Our Lord


Monthly Intention: That priests who experience fatigue and loneliness in their pastoral work may find help and comfort in their intimacy with the Lord and their friendship with their brother priests.