Monthly Calendar

The September 2020 Calendar:

dates, observances & Prayer Intentions

1st         S. Giles                                                Carburton

2nd       Feria                                                    our schools

3rd        S. Gregory the Great                         Pope Francis

4th        Translation of S. Cuthbert             the Parish 

5th        Saturday Memoria of Our Lady        Kilton


6th                23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time         the Parish 

7th               Feria                                                    Larwood

8th        The Birthday of the BVM                 The Mothers’ Union

9th        Feria                                                    Lowtown

10th      Feria                                                    Manton

11th      Feria                                                    Worksop town centre

12th      the Holy Name of Mary                     Clumber and its Chapel


13th      24th Sunday in Ordinary Time         the Parish 

14th            Holy Cross Day                                 the Society of the Holy Cross

15th      Our Lady of Sorrows                          grieving parents

16th      Ss. Cornelius & Cyprian                     Pope Francis

17th      Feria                                                    our care homes

18th      Feria                                                    our local Key Workers

19th      S. Theodore of Tarsus                         Archbishop Stephen


20th      25th Sunday in Ordinary Time         the Parish 

21st       S. Matthew the Apostle                    Bishop Paul   

22nd     Feria                                                    Bassetlaw Council

23rd      S. Pius of Pietrelcina                           all who suffer for Christ

24th      Our Lady of Walsingham                  the Walsingham Shrine

25th      Feria                                                    God’s Mission here

26th      Saturday Memoria of Our Lady        Bassetlaw Council


27th      26th Sunday in Ordinary Time         the Parish 

28th            Feria                                                    our parish vision

29th            S. Michael & All Angels                   fidelity to God’s Message

30th      S. Jerome                                             a love of the Scriptures


Monthly Devotion: the seven sorrows of Mary.  


Monthly Prayer Intentions:

Respect for the Planet’s resources; that they will not be plundered, but shared in a just and respectful manner.