Monthly Calendar

The September Kalendar


Date Observance Prayer Intention
1st S Giles Carburton
2nd Of Our Lady
3rd 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time The Parish
4th S Cuthbert The Parish
5th S Teresa of Calcutta The homeless
6th Feria Orphans
7th Feria Care workers
8th The Birth of the Virgin Mary The Parish
9th Our Lady Our families
10th 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time The Parish
11th Feria Farmers
12th Most Holy Name of Mary Mothers
13th S John Chrysostom Preachers
14th The Exaltation of the Cross Society of the Holy Cross
15th Our Lady of Sorrows All who grieve
16th Ss Cornelius & Cyprian Persecuted Christians
17th 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time The Parish
18th Feria Drug addicts
19th S Theodore of Canterbury Archbishop Justin
20th S Andrew Kim Taegon & companions Evangelists
21st S Matthew, Apostle The Parish
22nd Feria The armed forces
23rd S Pius of Pietrelcina Spiritual directors
24th 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time The Parish
25th Feria Forward in Faith
26th Ss Cosmas & Damian Bishops of the Society
27th S Vincent de Paul Charity Workers
28th Feria Hospitals
29th Ss Michael, Gabriel & Raphael Growth in Holiness
30th S Jerome Biblical scholars


Devotion: The Seven Sorrows of Mary

Prayer Intention: That our parishes, animated by a missionary spirit, may be places where faith is communicated and charity is seen.