Monthly Calendar


The May Kalendar

Date Observance Prayer Intention
1st S Joseph the Worker The employed
2nd S Athanasius Local Election Candidates
3rd SS Philip & James Our Bishops
4th The English Martyrs Church Unity
5th Easter Feria The Crossing
6th Easter Feria Shrine of Our Lady, Egmanton
7th Easter 4 The Parish
8th Easter Feria New Local Council
9th Easter Feria The pilgrimage to Fatima
10th Easter Feria Priory School
11th Easter Feria Junior Church leaders
12th S Pancras Persecuted Christians
13th Our Lady of Fatima The Shrine at Fatima
14th Easter 5 The Parish
15th Easter Feria Christian Aid Week
16th Easter Feria Churches in Worksop
17th Easter Feria Forward in Faith
18th Priory Dedication The Priory Church
19th S Dunstan Vocations to the Religious Life
20th Easter Feria Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
21st Easter 6 The Parish
22nd Easter Feria The Minster
23rd Easter Feria Bishop Paul
24th Easter Feria Thy Kingdom Come Initiative
25th S Bede England
26th Easter Feria Our school
27th S Augustine Anglican Centre in Rome
28th Ascension The Parish
29th Easter Feria The National Pilgrimage
30th Easter Feria Additional Curates Society
31st The Visitation of Our Lady The Parish


Devotion: Our Lady Mary

Prayer Intention: That Christians in Africa, in imitation of the Merciful Jesus, may give prophetic witness in reconciliation, justice, and peace.