Monthly Calendar

The February Kalendar

Date    Observance                                         Prayer Intention

1st                 Feria                                                    The Minster

2nd              Presentation of Our Lord                  The Parish

3rd             4th Sunday In Ordinary Time             The Parish

4th                Feria                                                    Deanery Clergy

5th                S Agatha                                            New Christians

6th                S Paul Miki & Companions               HM The Queen

7th                Feria                                                    S Cyprian’s Sneinton

8th                S Jerome Emiliani                               Educators

9th                Of Our Lady                                       Shrine at Walsingham

10th            5th Sunday In Ordinary Time           The Parish

11th           Our Lady of Lourdes                            The sick

12th      Feria                                                    Christian Teachers

13th            Feria                                                    Bishop Paul

14th            SS Cyril & Methodius                      Europe

15th      Feria                                                    The hungry

16th            Of Our Lady                                       Soc SS Wilfred  & Hilda

17th            6th Sunday In Ordinary Time           The Parish                 

18th      Feria                                                    Racial Justice

19th      Feria                                                    Our Communities

20th            Feria                                                    General Synod

21st             Feria                                                    Vocations

22nd          The Chair of S Peter                          Pope Francis

23rd           S Polycarp                                           Persecuted Christians

24th      7th Sunday in Ordinary Time           The Parish                 

25th      Feria                                                    Archdeacon David    

26th      Feria                                                    Our School                 

27th      Feria                                                   Bishop Glyn

28th      Feria                                            Society of the Holy  Cross                                                                                                                   

Devotion: The Holy Family

Prayer Intention For a generous welcome to the victims of human trafficking, enforced prostitution, and violence