Monthly Calendar

The March Kalendar

 Date    Observance                                        Prayer Intention

1st         S David                                              Wales

2nd       Lenten Feria & Fast Day                      Women

3rd        Lenten Feria                                        Bishop Tony

4th        Third Sunday of Lent                        The Parish

5th        Lenten Feria                                        Our School

6th        Lenten Feria                                        Christian Aid

7th        Lenten Feria                                        School Governors

8th        Lenten Feria                                        S Stephen’s House

9th        Lenten Feria & Fast Day                     Additional Curates Society

10th      Lenten Feria                                        Religious tolerance

11th      Fourth Sunday Of Lent                     The Parish

12th      Lenten Feria                                        The Commonwealth

13th      Lenten Feria                                        Vocations to the Priesthood

14th      Lenten Feria                                        Diocesan Clergy

15th      Lenten Feria                                        Our Hospital

16th      Lenten Feria & Fast Day                     Needy & hungry       

17th      S Patrick                                             Ireland

18th      Fifth Sunday Of Lent                        The Parish

19th      S Joseph                                             Fathers

20th      S Cuthbert                                          The Parish

21st      Lenten Feria                                       Archbishop Sentamu

22nd          Lenten Feria                                        Society Of Mary

23rd      Lenten Feria                                        Beverley Clergy

24th      Lenten Feria                                        Shrine at Walsingham

25th      Palm Sunday                                     The Parish     

26th      Holy Monday                                     The Lapsed

27th      Holy Tuesday                                     Penitents

28th      Holy Wednesday                                Thanksgiving for Holy oils    

29th           Maundy Thursday                            The Parish

30th      Good Friday & Fast Day

31st       Holy Saturday & Fast Day


Devotion: S Joseph

Prayer Intention:  That the Church may appreciate the urgency of formation in spiritual discernment, both on the personal and communitarian levels.