Monthly Calendar

The Kalendar


Date    Observance                                       Prayer Intention

1st         S Justin                                                Persecuted Christians

2nd       Easter Feria                                         Ordinands

3rd        SS Charles Lwanga & Comp             Diocese of Natal

4th        Pentecost                                            The Parish

5th        S Boniface                                           Bishop Glyn   

6th        Feria                                                    Forward In Faith

7th        Feria                                                    Election Administrators

8th        S William Of York                              Election Candidates

9th        Feria                                                    Our MP

10th      Of Our Lady                                       The Shrine at Fatima

11th      Trinity Sunday                                   The Parish

12th      Feria                                                    Our young Families

13th      S Anthony of Padua                           Theologians

14th      Feria                                                    Our School

15th      Feria                                                    CBS

16th      S Richard Of Chichester                     Bishop Paul

17th      Of Our Lady                                       The Shrine at Walsingham

18th      Corpus Christi                                   The Parish

19th      Feria                                                    Bassetlaw Council

20th      S Alban                                               England

21st       S Aloysius                                           Teachers        

22nd     S John Fisher and S Thomas More   Leaders

23rd      The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus       The Parish

24th      The Birth of S John Baptist               The Parish

25th      12th Sunday in Ordinary Time         The Parish

26th      Feria                                                    HM Armed Forces     

27th      Our Lady of Perpetual Succour         Hallam Diocese

28th      S Irenaeus                                           Those being deaconed

29th      SS Peter & S Paul                              The Parish

30th      First Martyrs of Rome                        Those being Priested


Devotion: The Sacred Heart

Prayer Intention:  That national leaders may firmly commit themselves to ending the arms trade, which victimizes so many innocent people.