Monthly Calendar

The August 2021 Calendar


1st        18thSunday in Ordinary Time           the Parish

2nd       S. Peter Julian Eymard                        devotion to the Blessed Sacrament

3rd        S Oswald                                             youth Pilgrimage

4th        S. Jean-Baptiste Mary Vianney           Parish Priests

5th        Feria                                                                our care homes

6th             The Transfiguration of the Lord       the Parish

7th             Saturday memorial of Our Lady        the Walsingham Shrine         


8th        19thSunday in Ordinary Time           the Parish

9th        S. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross       the peoples of Europe

10th      Feria                                                    Carburton

11th      S. Clare of Assisi                                 Holy Cross Convent

12th      S. Jane Frances de Chantal                 Expectant Mothers    

13th      Feria                                                    Clumber                     

14th          S. Maximilian Kolbe                           persecuted Christians


15th      The Assumption of the BVM            the Parish

16th      Feria                                                    Kilton             

17th      Feria                                                    Larwood        

18th      Feria                                                    Lowtown

19th      S. John Eudes                                      Manton

20th      S. Bernard                                           Sparkenhill

21st       S. Pius X                                              Bassetlaw Hospital


22nd      21stSunday in Ordinary Time           the Parish

23rd      S. Rose of Lima                                   the sick

24th      S. Bartholomew                                  growing disciples

25th      Feria                                                    our teenagers

26th      Feria                                                    The Society of Mary BCVS

27th      S. Monica                                            The Mothers’ Union

28th          S. Augustine                                       our Youth Group       


29th          22ndSunday in Ordinary Time          the Parish

30th      Feria                                                    Priory Action Group

31st       S. Aidan                                              Bishop Glyn


Monthly Devotion: The Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Monthly Prayer Intentions: the Church.

  • That She may receive from the Holy Spirit the grace and strength to reform herself in the light of the Gospel.