Upcoming Events / Services

Diary Dates


19th 6.30pm S Joseph Day Mass at Priory

20th 7pm S Cuthbert Day Mass at Priory

23rd 9.15am Walsingham Youth ( Year 6+) Day at Eyres Monsell

25th 7pm Annunciation of The Lord Parish Mass at Priory

30th 10am- 12noon Priory Fundraising Coffee Morning at 2 Southwell Close



5th 10am Priory Academy End of Term service in Priory Church

7th 1230pm S Pauls’ Annual Parochial Church Meeting

      4.30pm Penitential Service in Priory Church

13th 10am Church Spring Clean at Priory

14th Palm Sunday 9.30am & 11.30am Parish Mass

17th 12noon Chrism Mass (S Catherine’s Sheffield)

18th Maundy Thursday 7pm Parish Mass and Vigil at Priory    

19th Good Friday 1130am Stations of The Cross at S Paul’s

      3pm Liturgy of The Passion at Priory

20th 8pm Easter Vigil at Priory

21st Easter Day

              9.30am Parish Mass at Priory

              11.30am Parish Mass at S Paul’s

              6pm Evensong & Benediction at Priory