Upcoming Events / Services


8th Immaculate Conception 7.30pm Parish Mass at Priory

9th 2pm Messy Church at S Paul’s

15th 1.30pm Community Tea Concert & Mini Fayre at S Paul’s

24th Christmass Eve 6pm Children’s service at Priory

Christmass Day
Midnight Mass at Priory
9.30am Parish Mass at Priory
11.30am Mass at Clumber
11.30am Parish Mass at S Paul’s
6pm Evensong & Benediction at Priory

27th 7pm Carols & Readings at S Paul’s

30th 10am-12noon Coffee Morning at the Vicarage.


1st Mary, Mother of God, 11am Parish Mass at Priory

6th Priory PCC with Archdeacon Sarah 9am

7th Epiphany 9.30am & 11.30am Parish Mass

30th 7.30pm Deanery Synod