Welcome Back Concert

Sunday 27th June


Concert 4.30-5.15

Tea 5.15-5.40

Sung Evensong 6.00


You are invited to a short, informal concert given by Priory organist Rosemary Field, to raise funds for repairs to the Priory organ and pianos.


Tea and evensong will follow the concert. Come to all or any of the afternoon.


Admission is free, but pre-booking is essential.


Please click here to pre-book for the event, or phone the office on 01909 472180, 9-12.30 Monday or Thursday.


A collection will be taken on the day, and donations can be made using the contactless device. If you would like to send a donation before the event, please visit our event online donation page by clicking here.



Local craftspeople have quoted for the work


The Weber grand piano in the North Transept is missing its entire pedal mechanism. The Priory has been made an offer of a pedal “lyre” provided it will fit. The action needs regulating to bring it to concert- and service-worthy condition. It is a very good piano, but unusable at present.

Tuning, £75. Lyre, provisional gift. Work, around £350.


The Knake rehearsal piano in the choir room has 17 keys with unstuck tops. They’re here – just need regluing; plus internal cleaning, minor faults to be cured, and tuning. It’s slightly below pitch. There is also less urgent work, which can wait.

Cost of total project: £225


The lower organ keyboard needs urgent spot work. Some notes don’t play; others stick on. The design is hard to access, and prone to instability. The proposal is to test for upgrade-capability, and assess it from there.


SPONSORSHIP of small items within each project is invited from groups and individuals, to be listed in the concert programme, unless choosing to be anonymous. Please ask rosemaryfield@rmfield.co.uk for details.