Monthly Calendar


The April 2022 Calendar: dates, observances & Prayer Intentions


1st           Lenten Feria                                                       our charitable giving

2nd          Lenten Feria                                                       Muslims


3rd           5th Sunday of Lent [Passion Sunday]      the Parish          

4th           Lenten Feria                                                       Carburton and Clumber

5th           Lenten Feria                                                       Kilton and Larwood

6th                 Lenten Feria                                                       Manton

7th                Lenten Feria [S. John Baptist de le Salle]           Lowtown and Sparkenhill

8th           Lenten Feria                                                       Worksop town centre

9th                Lenten Feria                                                       those preparing for Baptism


10th         Palm Sunday                                                      the Parish

11th        Monday of Holy Week                                  our Junior Church

12th         Tuesday of Holy Week                                  our Boys’ Brigade Company

13th         Wednesday of Holy Week                           our Youth Group

14th             Maundy Thursday                                           the Parish

15th        Good Friday                                                       the Parish

16th         Holy Saturday                                                    the Parish


17th         Easter Day                                                           the Parish

18th         Monday of the Octave of Easter                Bassetlaw Hospital

19th         Tuesday of the Octave of Easter                Priory Academy

20th         Wednesday of the Octave of Easter        our care homes

21st         Thursday of the Octave of Easter              Bassetlaw Foodbank

22nd        Friday of the Octave of Easter                    young families

23rd        Saturday of the Octave of Easter              growing disciples


24th         2nd Sunday of Easter [Low Sunday]          the Parish                                          

25th         S. Mark the Evangelist                                  the spread of the Gospel

26th         S. George, Patron of England                      England                                               

27th         Easter Feria                                                        Priory Action Group

28th             S. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort        all who pray the Rosary

29th             S. Catherine of Siena                                      Europe

30th             Easter Feria                                                        those preparing for confirmation


Monthly Devotion: The Holy Eucharist.


Monthly Prayer Intention: for health care workers who serve the sick and the elderly, especially in the poorest countries; may they be adequately supported by governments and local communities.