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Junior Church

We are pleased that we are now able to have Junior Church ( for children at Primary School ) safely every Sunday at 9.30am.  Places are limited so please contact Mary Howe on wmre.mhowe@gmail.com for more information and to book.


At Priory we are committed to giving everyone an experience of joyful worship; worship is at the heart of our faith and Christian life, and children and their families are welcomed and encouraged to come and join us.

On a Sunday at the 9.30am Parish Mass everyone is welcome to join us.  Support will be given to families with children under school age during the Mass.  Children of school age are welcome to take part in Junior Church.

How Do Children Learn to Worship?
Children learn to worship by worshipping with the congregation Sunday after Sunday.
• They learn they belong to Christ and are welcome in Christ’s church.
• They come to know, through repetition, the Lord’s Prayer, the creeds, and the beautiful songs of our faith.
• They build memories of shared experiences of Christian community that they may draw upon when they are older.
• They are enriched by the beauty of music and art as creative expressions of praise and as human responses to God.
• They hear stories from the Bible read and interpreted, and they begin to see Christian worship as one place where God may speak to them and be with them.
• They witness the drama of baptism and the Lord’s Supper—both visible signs of God’s grace, kindness and favour.
• They discover that they are valued as people by God and by God’s people at church.

How Do Parents Help Children?
Bringing your child to church may, at times, be a real exercise in patience. So are many other facets of parenting that we manage to get through. We must remember that baptised children are members of Christ’s church, and they need to be among the people who worship God. They may not participate just the way adults do, but they are growing in understanding and learning to take their places in the church family. Young children in worship may be wiggly and noisy, but it is their birthright as Christians to worship. Our satisfaction comes in later years when we see them stand in the midst of the church and go out into the world with a faith of their own.

Anybody interested in knowing more about any of these organisations can contact them via the main Priory Office number: 01909 472180

Wiggly Worship

Under the present restrictions it is not possible for us to meet in person for Wiggly Worship. For details of how we are meeting please contact Mrs Hurt at Priory Academy

Worksop Wiggly Worship meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Thursday morning of the month in the Lady Chapel at 10am. All children, parents and carers will be made welcome at this short (20 minutes) time of worship.  Refreshments and games are available afterwards. All are welcome.