Weddings at Worksop Priory Church

The Church believes that marriage is a gift of God and that it is God’s intention that a marriage should be a life-long union in body, mind and spirit of one man and one woman. The Church welcomes everyone, whether or not a member, who enquires about an intended marriage.
The priest will be delighted to explore with couples the nature of Christian marriage, help them through the wedding day and offer pastoral support thereafter.

A date and agreement to marry the couple can be made on a Saturday morning in church 10am-11am.  An interview date will then be set. At this interview, the priest will:

explain the registration procedure
advise the couple of the fees
explore the appropriateness of the intended marriage in the Church
explain the need to meet the couple before the wedding to explore Christian marriage and to discuss the content of the service.

How do I go about getting married in Worksop Priory  Church?
Contact the priest by phone 01909 472180 or by email
The priest will arrange to meet you for an initial interview at the church and:
answer your questions and explain the legal procedure
explore the appropriateness of your marriage in a Church
The minister will agree a date, time and fees with you and expect to meet you on about three occasions prior to the wedding to explore Christian marriage and the content of the service.


Frequently asked questions…
Is there a fee? Yes:
The service with an organist and bells £585
The Flowers: £ by arrangement

(These are subject to change each year in November)

Do I have to belong to the church to be married? No, but there you do need to live in the Priory parish or have some spiritual connection. The priest can talk you through these.

Should I set the date and book the reception before seeing the vicar? No, please speak to the priest at an early stage of your preparation to check the church and priest’s availability.

Do the Banns need to be read? Normally yes. There is a notification period where marriage banns will be read out on a Sunday morning 3 times prior to the date of the wedding. The procedure will be fully explained at the interview. Asking questions very early, avoids your disappointment.

I am divorced, can I still get married? Here at Priory we believe marriage is for life, so do not marry people who are divorced with a previous spouse still living.  Sadly marriages do break down and divorces happen. Please contact the church to explore the possibility of your coming to church after a Civil Wedding for a blessing.